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About Us 

Being able to help people through our expertise in our business is our greatest source of motivation. We understand the agonizing experience of people who have suffered from water damage brought by floods, heavy rains, and storms, an overflowing river, dam failure, and hydraulic pipe accidents, and fire damage. When we can support victims of such unfortunate incidents, which we can strongly relate to, we get fulfillment from our job.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that will mitigate water damage and alleviate the difficulty suffered by the victims. They include water cleanup, advanced water extraction, water damage restoration, mold remediation, complete drying including structural parts, deodorization, and sanitizing. We have a team of certified technicians dedicated to their expertise – Water Cleanup and Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying. We serve residential and commercial clients anywhere in Kansas City.

We act promptly and efficiently upon being called for help. Speed is crucial in minimizing the damage and preventing more serious deterioration to the affected property. We put in all the effort to ensure your safety, comfort, and readiness to return to your previous normal way of life.

We perform our work guided by our values of compassion, trust, and reliability. We achieve satisfaction out of being able to help people as much as supporting our company to grow and prosper.

Call us at 913-578-9838 for our immediate assistance to your water damage issues.


A word that seems to be losing its definition in this technology driven-age, we work hard every day to bring you helpful resources and guidance. Information is easily accessible today, right at our fingertips whenever we seek it. We take it upon ourselves to sift through that information and present it to you in a clear manner that makes sense.

As new technologies and remediation techniques are developed, we will bring them to you in easy to understand ways. And you can count on us to be available to help you should a serious need arise.

Kansas City Water Damage Restoration


Trust is with any brand is about keeping promises and providing clear expectations.

First, our team at Touchdown Water Damage looks to develop a trusting relationship with our users by ensuring that information is provided without significant bias and in the best interest of our readers. Second, we aim to be clear about who we are and why we do what we do.  The more you get to know our team and our vision, the more likely you are to trust us.

Many of our users are in an emergency situation when they visit our website. We want to be a trusted voice in those times of fear and anxiety.

We take what we do seriously, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure we deliver on the trust you give us.


You might not know this, but we created this website because we’d experienced serious water damage and toxic exposures. Empathy is the first step in showing compassion, but the next is to ensure that we are focused on solving your needs, not just our own.

We fully realize that you might be coming to us under challenging or difficult circumstances, having just lost your home to water damage or other disasters. We always put ourselves in your shoes and we keep that thought in mind with everything that we do.


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